Own A Piece of Southwold

SouthGen has raised 66% of the cost of building the Old Hospital Hub through grants. Now we need your help to raise the rest.

Our share offer goes live 10 May 2019 and ends 16 June 2019.

Community shares are the second largest form of crowdfunding in the UK. They’ve been used to finance pubs and piers, distilleries, farms, forests and football clubs.

They are a way that people can make a small return on their capital and a big difference to their community. Our offer proposes an annual interest rate of 4%, beginning in June 2022.

Shares cost £25 each. The minimum buy is £150, but, if this is a stretch, you can club together with family, friends or work colleagues to buy six shares. Learn more about clubs in our Share Prospectus.

Are you an Adnams fan? The first 150 people to invest will receive a limited edition IPA “Old Hospital Hop” brewed specially by Adnams to celebrate the share launch.

If you invest more than £1000, your name will be listed in the Old Hospital. If you invest £25,000, a room or the garden will be named in your honour or after a person special to you.

Make sure you read our Share Prospectus and Business Plan carefully before deciding to invest.