Inspired by our history. Designed for our future.

Through your investment, the Old Hospital Hub will provide a new home for Southwold Library, a nursery, a co-working space, and a farm to fork café.

A new home for Southwold Library

SouthGen is creating a modern, purpose built space tailored to our librarian’s vision. With a long-term lease at an affordable rent, the Library’s future will be secure.

“I have people with job skills who would like to pass them on. I help people every week to get on universal job match because job applicants do not have the IT skills to use computers.”

Charlotte Clark, Southwold Librarian.

A nursery

In an area with insufficient childcare provision, your investment will help meet the needs of working families by creating a nursery with 17 spaces, open 51 weeks of the year from 8am to 6pm.

“The thought that additional childcare may become available so close to where I, and many other young mothers, work is very exciting. It is something that the town is currently missing.”

A Reydon parent

A farm to fork café

The café will be a welcoming social space with simple, tasty, healthy food. It will also act as a learning environment, training young people and helping to support local supply chains.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the young people who are at the forefront of our highly successful local food industry. Their expertise, inventiveness and energy have done much to put Suffolk on the national good food map.”

Emily McVeigh, Suffolk Young Producers

A co-working space

The backbone of East Suffolk’s economy is self-employed people and micro-businesses – both require affordable, flexible space to flourish. The co-working space will have up to 30 desks, superfast broadband, high spec meeting rooms, plus mentoring and support.

Read more about our research, feasibility study and vision for the hub in our Business Plan.

The library, café, and co-working space connect with each other so that users can walk from one space to another during library opening hours.

SouthGen is a trailblazer in community-led development. It conducted a community-led, comprehensive and inclusive feasibility study into how to use the old hospital to regenerate its area.

SouthGen retained Modece Architects to design the redevelopment scheme. We are restoring the original elevations with an environmentally friendly design – gardens with growing boxes and fruit trees, bee-friendly planting, buggy and cycle storage, solar panels to heat the hub.

We anticipate that the Hub will open for business in the Autumn of 2020.

Read more about this in our Business Plan.